Clinical supervisor experience letter

Clinical supervisor experience letter Below are 2 experience letter/certificate samples for Clinical supervisor. You also ref top 5...

Clinical supervisor experience letter

Below are 2 experience letter/certificate samples for Clinical supervisor. You also ref top 5 experience letter samples at blog header or other job interview materials at part 3.

1. Clinical supervisor experience letter sample 1


I hereby certify that the person named (name of the applicant) was employed by our company, (name of the company), during the period starting from …………. to ……………

He/she started in our company at the position of a trainee, but with his/her excellent performance and good abilities, he/she quickly got officially employed as a full time employee. For ….. years of working for us, he/she demonstrated as a diligent and truthful person. His/her leadership skills were outstanding and very helpful and highly appraised by our staff. By the time he/she was leaving, he/she had been nominated to the position of Assistant Manager.

Anyway, all of us wish his/her the best in his/her career path and future and would like to thank him/her for his/her excellent contribution.

Yours faithfully,

Your Signature
Your Name
Organization Name
Organization Seal

2. Clinical supervisor experience letter sample 2


We are pleased to write this letter to inform you that the applicant named ……………… had been working for us, [name of the Organization], in his/her capacity as [position] for ………….. years/months (from ……….. to …………..).

During his/her tenure in the office with our Organization, he/she participated in performing the work with determination and sincerity. As we observed, he/she was an active and very qualified person and he/she could perform all of assigned tasks effectively. Besides, in my opinion, he/she was a motivated, devoted, professional, hard-working, and innovative person. He/she contributed much to our organizational goals and targets and his performance was proven to be among the most effective in our organization.

Moreover, Mr./Mrs./Ms. ________________ demonstrated excellent behavior and attitude during his/her service with us. We found him/her be sincere, truthful, reliable sociable. He/she was also a pleasant person to talk and work within a team.

His/her decision to leave our organization was his/her sole decision, however, we still hope she will succeed in any path of career.

Yours faithfully,

[Name and Signature of HR personnel/manager]

[Company Seal]
[Name and Address of the Company]

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